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When it comes time to get your home owner’s insurance, many homeowners and tenants take the easy road and guess the total coverage they require, not realizing how critical a good home inventory software program is in estimating the value of their possessions. This ill-planned approach leaves many homeowners in the cold in the event of a home-based disaster such as fire, flood or theft.

They are especially aware of their mistake when they go to make their claim with the insurance company and discover that insurance companies do not pay out for certain lost items unless there is adequate documentation proving value and ownership. At this point, these unfortunate individuals, if they are lucky enough to collect in the first place, are left to collect a figure far less than the true value of their lost belongings.

Other homeowners and tenants take a wiser approach and meticulously document everything they own. Unfortunately, most of this is done manually and not only is it a tedious experience that isn’t easily referenced in times of need, but there is also the possibility that the records are lost in the fire, flood or theft, which is the reason they need them in the first place.

Home inventory software has been on the market for some time, but unfortunately most of the products available are hard to use, clunky and expensive. My Edge Home Inventory software changes all of that. My Edge Home Inventory software is a brilliant piece of home inventory software with a user-friendly graphical interface that combines an easily searchable database with digital photographic proof of your belongings. My Edge Home Inventory software is also easy to modify and expand to suit whatever your record needs.

Already in digital format, My Edge Home Inventory software allows you to store your documents securely online or to CD for placing into a safe deposit box at your bank. Your data is safe until you need it the most. My Edge Home Inventory software is cross-platform and can be used on both Mac and post Windows 2000 systems. The data saved with My Edge Home Inventory software can also be read on both Mac and post Windows 2000 systems. For the amazing price of $30, My Edge Home Inventory software is a purchase you should not pass up when it comes to insuring your home and your belongings.