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Here's one of a thousand scenarios that could leave you wishing you'd used a good home inventory software program: You and your family are returning from that long dreamed of vacation to Disneyland. You’re feeling like the most-loved parent on the planet. Unfortunately, you enter your home and discover that the main water line has burst and filled your basement with water. Beyond the destruction of your den and home entertainment system, the valuable stamp collection that you’ve been building since you were a child is damaged beyond recognition.

With half of the collection missing and the other unrecognizable, you decide to file for the complete replacement value of it in your home owner’s insurance claim. To your chagrin, you discover that your insurance company requires a complete breakdown of your collection and proof of ownership. You were meticulous enough to record this, but you kept it in a file in your den, which was swimming in two feet of water. Your records are damaged beyond recognition and you are left to settle with the insurance company for a figure far lower than the real value of your collection.

Many homeowners have gone through this nasty experience and have been badly disappointed when it came time for recompense. This is because they either didn’t have the foresight to keep up to date records or they kept their data in a vulnerable place and it became damaged when they needed it most. Up until now, people have been tracking their belongings manually, but this is a long, tedious process that isn’t easy to reference in times of emergency. Home inventory software has corrected many of these drawbacks to tracking your home inventory, but most home inventory software is cumbersome and not user friendly.

My Edge Home Inventory software is a brilliant new product on the market that answers all of your needs at a price that you can afford. My Edge Home Inventory software allows you to enter items with ease and expands to suit your particular needs. Because of its digital format, you can easily store it securely online, or save it to a CD and store it at your bank. My Edge Home Inventory's cross-platform software allows the data to be used and read on both Mac platforms and on post Windows 2000 machines. At $30, My Edge Home Inventory software gives you peace of mind in knowing that in the event of disaster, you will be able to recover the monetary value of your belongings.