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Here's one scenario that would leave you wishing you had used home inventory software: It’s been a long and enjoyable night out with friends celebrating your promotion at work. You are in a wonderful frame of mind until you return to your apartment building. You step out of the taxi to witness a flock of fire engines surrounding your building and the building itself in a state of post-blaze smoldering. You know immediately that your apartment was in the middle of the carnage and is almost beyond recognition.

Everything you own, except the clothes on your back, has disappeared in a cloud of smoke. Along with the priceless items like your family pictures, your new computer and home entertainment system are victims to the fire. You were smart enough to carry renters insurance, but all of your records were kept hidden in your bedroom closet and that is gone. You are helpless to prove what you lost or its value and have to accept a figure from your insurance company that does nothing to cover the real cost of your nightmare.

Many tenants and homeowners have had to confront this horrible experience and through lack of action on their part, have been helpless to recover their losses. Insurance companies provide coverage, but only with proper documentation. If that is gone, so are your chances of recovering the money due. Up until now, people have kept track of their belongings manually and have found the process tedious and complicated.

Now there is the option of home inventory software. Home inventory software allows you to digitally track your belongings complete with digital photographic proof of ownership. Unfortunately with the wide range of products offered, many programs are clunky and not very user-friendly. My Edge Home Inventory software changes all of this. With My Edge Home Inventory software, you can easily add items to your inventory and retrieve that data through a multitude of easy search options.

This fantastic product is cross-platform compatible and gives you the wonderful option of storing your data securely online or simply saving it to a CD and storing that at your bank. My Edge Home Inventory software is user-friendly and easily modified to suit your particular needs – all for the completely reasonable price of $30. What are you waiting for? Give yourself the peace of mind in knowing that you are secured against this type of terrible loss. Purchase this home inventory software program now.