Powerful Home Inventory

  • My Edge Home Inventory comes with template inventory files that get you started right away. Categories of most kinds of possessions are pre-defined, as well as the most common rooms and areas of homes.
  • Instantly choose which items you want to see in your inventory by choosing which categories and/or rooms you want to list.

    Home Inventory Templates

  • Choose how items are sorted on the screen merely by clicking the column header you want to sort by.

    Sort Your Items Easily

  • Choose what item details you want to be shown and hide the rest.
  • Add new items that are based upon similar existing items. That way, you don't have to add all the info for the new item from scratch. Only enter the info that is different.
  • Easily determine the total value of all items in your inventory, or of items in selected rooms and/or categories. For example, you can get the total value of all items in your living room, or the total of all furniture.
  • Print your inventory, or selected portions, in either of two convenient formats: inline format, or tabular format.
  • Easily control how much of your inventory gets printed by choosing what is displayed on the screen.
    Preview your inventory printout to save paper and ink.

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