Invaluable Home Inventory

Once you inventory your home with My Edge Home Inventory, it could turn out to be one of the most invaluable things you have ever done:

  • Your inventory will be an invaluable asset when negotiating with your insurance claims officer if you should ever have the misfortune of your home being destroyed by fire or weather related disaster.
  • Since the photos you took for your inventory show your valuables in the context of your own home and together with your other possessions, you will have valuable evidence that you actually owned those items when dealing with your insurance provider.
  • Making an inventory of your home and its contents can be extremely useful in helping you determine whether you have adequate insurance coverage.
  • Keeping a "loaned out" inventory can help keep you from losing track of items loaned to friends and neighbors.
  • If your home is ever robbed, you will have serial numbers and even pictures of the stolen items to give to the police. This can greatly improve the chances of recovering your valuables when the police catch up with those bad guys.

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